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Personal protection is your responsibility.
Preparing you for it is ours.
Firearms Instruction, Inc.

Expert Firearms Training

Personal Protection & Firearm Training | Approved by the State of Minnesota
NRA Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers

Classes for All

We offer classes suited for male and female students. We can benefit the most experienced student and yet we can easily train the student with no background at all.

Permit to Carry

Our course qualifies for a Minnesota Permit to carry upon satisfactory completion.

National Permit to Carry

We offer a course for active and retired law enforcement officers who wish to qualify for the national permit to carry. This is a one day session and meets the requirements in HR-218. Law Enforcement classes are limited to 20 students.

Would you like to learn more about firearms and personal protection; more than you can get in a one day concealed carry class?

Would you like to qualify for a Minnesota permit to carry and also receive in-depth instruction on personal protection for yourself and your family? Would you like circumstances from expert instructors in a hands-on course?

We offer a 14-hour seven session course (three weeks) that is approved by The State of Minnesota. It is an in-depth course that teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe and proper use of a handgun, and provides information on a citizen's right of self-defense. This is an excellent course for persons who just want to learn about handguns & firearm safety and also for experienced shooters who desire to review the basics. This course meets the educational requirements for obtaining a permit to carry a firearm in public.

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"Safety-First" | Yours and Everyone Else’s

Central Minnesota Firearms Training

We have been teaching both novice and experienced students since 1993. We are a group of more than 12 volunteer instructors. We usually have a ratio of one instructor for every two students.

Our focus is on personal protection & firearm training.

  • Topics covered include situational awareness, self-defense, and planning.
  • You will learn how to avoid trouble and minimize risks.
  • You will receive tips and advice, shooting skills, and proper gun handling techniques.
  • We offer hands-on training in a small classroom setting. We utilize an indoor range with a roof and eight shooting bays (handicap accessible.)
  • Students will have one-on-one training at the range.

Firearms and the Law

One of the most educational class sessions deals with firearms and the law.

  • You will learn when to react and how
  • You will learn about gun ownership rights and responsibilities.
  • This session is taught by an active practicing or retired prosecuting attorney.

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Try Handguns

We offer an opportunity to hold and try many brands and types of handguns.

Please don’t buy a handgun for this class if you do not already own one. We may have suggestions for you to consider in making your selection.

Thank You

"Great instructors, Great job. I’ll be doing this again to stay sharp. This class really taught me a lot."