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Personal protection is your responsibility.
Preparing you for it is ours.
Firearms Instruction, Inc.


Chief firearms instructor Jim Hovda:

  • U.S. Army Special Forces (retired) with tour of duty in Vietnam.

  • U.S. Army Military Police (2 years)

  • Minneapolis Police Officer (retired with 23 years of service).

  • Minneapolis Police range training instructor (retired)

  • NRA Firearms instructor. (20 yrs)

Some of Our Key Instructors:

Dave: Correctional officer & F.A. Instructor

As a Stearns County Deputy Sheriff, Dave works the intake part of the jail and teaches students about the criminal elements of our society.

Dave is easy-going and able to offer assistance to our students on shooting techniques. Dave is an avid handgun shooter and has exemplary shooting skills.

Dave: Retired from St. Cloud Correctional Facility (prison)

Dave is our principal range officer. He has the responsibility to ensure a safe shooting event for our students. Wayne ensures that all questions and concerns are addressed for each student. Students will be trained and prepared before heading to firing line. Wayne also has a class section dealing with our daily lives and how we interact with and lawless citizens in our communities.

Richard: Retired dispatcher

Rich will be able to offer a law enforcement view of critical incidents involving citizens and what they need to do to stay safe in or out of a vehicle.

Jan: Retired prosecutor

A NRA instructor for many years. Jan will inform you of laws pertaining to transfer and possession of firearms. She also works very well one-on-one with students and is especially helpful with women who have little or no experience with firearms.

Stu: Artist

Stu has a background in competitive shooting. He has a knack for offering ‘fixes’ for habits that would interfere with successful shooting. He can help an experienced shooter better.

Psychologist: Dr. Jack Brown, PhD

We are indeed fortunate to have one psychologist as an instructor. Dr. Brown offers an overview into the psychology of self-protection and the physiological events that take place in one’s body during a high stress situation.

Active & Retired Prosecuting Attorneys:

We always schedule in an active county attorney to speak with our class on the topic of firearms and the law. This is one of our most popular sessions and student leave having learned a great deal about the acceptable use of force for self protection in Minnesota.

Other Instructors:

All of our instructors are certified. All of our instructors are volunteer instructors. We have several other instructors from law enforcement (active and retired). These instructors are very effective for all classes but especially important for our National Permit to carry for law enforcement officers.

Upcoming Classes

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Try Handguns

We offer an opportunity to hold and try many brands and types of handguns.

Please don’t buy a handgun for this class if you do not already own one. We may have suggestions for you to consider in making your selection.

Thank You

"Great instructors, Great job. I’ll be doing this again to stay sharp. This class really taught me a lot."