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Personal protection is your responsibility.
Preparing you for it is ours.
Firearms Instruction, Inc.


"This was a very good course. Very glad I took this one and not a different one that was offered for a day."

"As a woman I felt I learned to be more aware of my surroundings. Interesting to learn of criminal minds and what they think of us."

"I will recommend this particular class to anyone interested. It was a blast."

"It was an excellent class – pretty much one on one – great!!"

"I would recommend (this) class to anyone interested in personal protection. Very good, had a lot of fun and learned a lot."

"It was an awesome class. Thank you."

"Great instructors, Great job. I’ll be doing this again to stay sharp. This class really taught me a lot."

"Every bit of the course was excellent and I am grateful we could take it – I gained a lot, not the lease of losing my fear of holding a gun. I will recommend this class to everyone!!! Thanks so much!"

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Try Handguns

We offer an opportunity to hold and try many brands and types of handguns.

Please don’t buy a handgun for this class if you do not already own one. We may have suggestions for you to consider in making your selection.